"I get excited to check my Shapewatch results each week, because I know that if I work harder I will see the improvements through my 3D avatar. It is a constant reminder of just how far I have come with my fitness journey, and I find that very motivating."

Ruth Garbutt, Shapewatch User

"It is an incredibly powerful and motivational tool for individuals, like myself, who want to track their progress and see visual and quantitive results in real time."

Henrik Rasmussen, VP of Research & Development at Global Scanning A/S

“To overturn the growing physical inactivity crisis facing our world, we need real innovative solutions. Shapewatch is a fantastic example of one of the pioneering start-ups that will revolutionise the way we move and help us build physical activity into our lives."

Steve Ward, Chief Executive Officer at ukactive

"Shapewatch has been a key factor on our body transformation programme (BestFit TV). It has enabled our participants to track their biometrics, monitor changes in their body and see those changes unfold in real time through a personalised 3D avatar. It is cutting edge technology for the fitness industry and we we're thrilled to be able to pilot Shapewatch on our show."

Faris Fisher, Founder and Managing Director BESTFIT Media

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