Meet the team


Henrik Rasmussen

Henrik Rasmussen has led the company's growing technology and R&D teams, both in 2D and 3D for a number of years having held various positions within the business for over 20 years. During his active involvement with the Shapewatch project, Henrik has utilised Shapewatch in assisting him through his own successful body transformation seeing him lose an incredible 15% of his body weight!


Sarah Feldlaufer

Sarah is a CGI Artist with 10 years of experience in the Film Industry. She has worked on a wide range of projects, from independent shorts to famous series and feature films, learning the art of image making from big firms like Cartoon Network and Animal Logic. A bit geeky too, her career took a turn when she helped designing website, the online 3D viewer behind shapewatch. She is now the creative mind behind Shapewatch’s user experience and 3D animated avatars.


Katia Riva

Katia Riva is leading the team of developers in charge of the Shapewatch mobile app and the Shapewatch Portals. With a background in computer science and web/mobile development, she strives to design, implement and perfect every functionality of Shapewatch alongside with her international and vibrant team.
Katia is passionate about making products that are both unique and innovative and she is always ready to take on new challenges to make Shapewatch the best fitness app on the market.

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