Brand Name

Shapewatch for Fitness

Get ahead of the competition and give your health club  members a detailed, accurate and highly visual  account of their overall health and fitness

  • Enhance

    Introduce 3D scanning into
    your health club as a new service

    Offer more personalised digital
    experiences for your members

    Integrate with your own
    Health Club App

  • Engage

    Provide another exciting touch
    point within your club

    Enable a next level
    Customer Experience

    Educate members and provide
    greater self awareness

  • Evaluate

    Monitor progression
    and results

    Track usage
    and access powerful data

    Increase revenue
    by providing VIP experience

  • Benefits


    The Shapewatch experience allows for a discreet and non-invasive body scan in a matter of seconds, instantly visualising and projecting your body in 3D.

    Simple Aesthetic. Personal Experience. Accurate Results. The tubular Shapewatch kiosk has been thoughtfully designed with the user as its focus.

    • Cutting Edge


      • the latest in 3D body scanning technologies
      • accurate measurements, biometric analysis and visual feedback
      • introduces the industry's first AR experience focussed on body geometry
      • integrates with health club app for a seamless digital experience
    • Compelling


      • elevates your digital member experience
      • enables revenue generating opportunities for clubs
      • enhances your club's Personal and Small Group Training programmes
      • available through low monthly rental programme
    • Captivating


      • immersive user experience and personalisation, placing the member at the heart of their fitness journey
      • introduces AR technology into your member experience for members to share progress and market your club!
      • assists in establishing a richer interaction between your staff and your members
    • Convenience


      • self-scan service, not over-commitment from staff
      • integrates with your health club's app helping to assist in commercialising your Shapewatch experience
      • no additional equipment requirements - just WiFi and power
      • install, configure and scan in just a few minutes

Track Key Biometrics


iPhone App
iPhone App
iPhone App

Built with future collaborations in mind, Shapewatch will continue to evolve through adding further health-related features and fun enhancements to reward and engage users.


Enhance your member’s experience


Available through simple rental agreements Shapewatch is well positioned as your digital experience partner,  offering members a highly personalised experience

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