Case Studies – Body Transformation


UK mom of two, Ruth Garbutt, has completed a 10 week transformation programme to regain her pre-pregnancy body and with the help of Shapewatch to monitor and visualise her key biometrics along the way.

Wife of Hull Kingston Rover’s UK Super League rugby player Mitch Garbutt, Ruth is no stranger to an athletic lifestyle. But two cesarean births and toddlers wreaked havoc on her body and she knew she was capable of getting back to her former pre-pregnancy glory.

“It's gonna be 10 weeks of pain, dedication and a lot of sacrifices but I am raring to go and can't wait to get that goal!" - Ruth Garbutt 


Working at Fitness Space gym in Leeds with personal trainer Adam Haines, Ruth partnered up with Shapewatch to track her weekly progress, Lean Lunch for nutrition and XTEND for supplements–in order to achieve a strong, lean body in just 10 weeks.

Training 6 days a week, the sessions were an hour or an hour and a half depending on activity. The aim was to keep Ruth’s heart rate above 180/190 using a combination of strength and conditioning, HIIT training, Cardio and Weights. 



Ruth’s workouts consisted of a rigorous six-day-a-week training regimen mixing up full-body, cardio, HITT, functional and specialised major muscle group rotations.


Through the partnership with Lean Lunch and a meal plan from PT Adam Haines, Ruth was eating three planned meals a day, which was flexible, as long as it fit within the calorie allowance of 1750 and protein intake of 126g per day.

In addition, Ruth was supplied with supplements such as XTEND® HydraSport™ BCAAs. These helped Ruth to recover quicker, stay hydrated and keep feeling full. 

“One thing I’ve noticed is that they stop me reaching for the Twix or whatever, I have no real hunger for the sweet things I used to eat.” - Ruth Garbutt



With a goal to lose weight and body fat, as well as reshape her body and optimise her health, tracking Ruth’s progress at the gym and in the kitchen was clearly very important. That’s where Shapewatch came into play. The Shapewatch kiosk was stationed inside the gym at Fitness Space, Leeds and enabled Ruth to regularly check her scanning results in just 60 seconds.

Ruth also had access to the Shapewatch app on her smart device, providing her with a detailed, accurate and highly visual account of her key biometrics including circumference measurements, body fat percentage, lean body mass and waist-hip ratio so she could keep track of her body changes as she progressed through the 10 week televised programme.

Scanning her body with Shapewatch in the gym at the same time every week, enabled Ruth to see her body shape projected onto the app so that over time she could see the specific areas where she either gained or lost weight or fat and really visualise her body changing.


Ruth's body transformation was a great result, losing nearly 7 kilograms, 5.5% body fat, ±5 centimeters around her chest, ±6 centimeters around her hips, and 9 centimeters around her waist.

“This unique visualisation tool really helped to connect the major changes I made to my lifestyle into real-time body results, adding both motivation and accountability for my actions.” - Ruth Garbutt

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