Intelligent software,  quantifiable health data and body analytics

Shapewatch empowers users to be accountable for their own goals and achievements. Through a quick, easy to use self-serve kiosk, Shapewatch enables them to not only track their progress, but also see the results as they change over time.


Accurate results

Measuring body composition traditionally consists of a lengthy consultation involving uncomfortable and embarrassing moments for clients. With Shapewatch you can now provide a non-invasive and discreet consultation with more consistent and accurate results.

Through computer generated images, clients need not rely on what is reflected in the scales, and can physically see the change in their body shape, muscle mass and composition over time.

AR technology

The AR technology, provides an additional layer of self-awareness, helping members or clients to become more accountable for their results and encouraging people to make better choices in their eating and exercise regimes.

Shapewatch helps to


  •  Introduce an innovative body scanning solution to any health and wellness facility

  • Provide a comfortable and premium experience for your members or clients

  • Quickly ascertain body shape, measurements, and weight

  •  Improve member or client experience and confidence with interactive Kiosk, App and Analytics


  • Provide a next level customer experience

  • Integrate with your own health club App

  • See progression through computer generated images compared over time

  • Motivate your customers through results and rewards


  • Monitor progression compliance and results through regular consultations

  •  Track usage and access powerful data eliminating guesswork

  • Consultations become more effective and efficient

  • Increase revenue by providing a VIP experience to members or clients

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