Are you early or late to the party?

New ideas spread at different rates and often for a multitude of reasons. In 1962, a theory was developed by a professor of communication studies, which suggested that there are five ways in which this happens, which he called ‘Diffusion of Innovations’. The author, Everett Rogers, states that ‘diffusion’ is the ‘process by which an innovation is communicated over time among the participants in a social system.’

As with any new idea, it needs to be widely adopted to enable it to succeed and remain viable. Adoption of a new innovation is usually influenced by: the idea itself, how it is communicated, how long it is available and the nature of the social system to which it is accessible. Rogers theorises that there are five main types of ‘Adopters’; Innovators, Early Adopters, Early Majority, Late Majority and Laggards.

– Willing to take risks
– Highest social status
– Financially solvent
– Socially active
– Interact with other Innovators

Early Adopters
– Offer highest degree of opinion leadership amongst the adopter categories
– Higher social status
– Financially solvent
– Advanced education
– More socially active than Late Adopters
– More discreet in their adoption choices than Innovators

Early Majority
– Take longer to adopt an innovation than Innovators & Early Adopters
– Above average social status
– Interact with Early Adopters
– Rarely hold positions which offer opinion leadership

Late Majority
– Tend to adopt an innovation later than average participants
– Approach innovations with dubiousness
– Below average social status
– Little financial solvency
– Interact with Late Majority, Early Majority and offer little opinion leadership

– The last to adopt an innovation
– Offer little to no opinion leadership
– Show an aversion to change
– More focussed on “traditions”
– Lowest social status
– Lowest financial solvency
– Oldest age range and only interact with family/friends

It could be argued that 3D body scanning, an innovation Shapewatch has incorporated in a brand new visualisation tool for fitness clubs and wellness centres, would be positioned somewhere between the categories of ‘Early Adopters’ and ‘Early Majority’.


Being an ‘Early Adopter’ can give you the competitive edge. The Shapewatch experience uses 3D scanning to measure key biometrics and instantly visualises bodies in 3D and augmented reality via the Shapewatch app. Available through simple rental agreements, Shapewatch is well positioned as your digital experience partner offering members a highly personalised experience

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