Shapewatch is an innovative 3D body scanner and visualisation solution.

It allows members to scan their bodies, track key biometrics, see their body shape in 3D and analyse their functional movement – making progress tracking toward health and fitness goals more real, motivational and empowering.

Backed by international market leader Global Scanning, with over 30 years of scanning technology experience

Shapewatch provides a discreet, non-invasive body scanning experience with consistent, accurate results promoting long-term behavior change.

Shapewatch consists of a kiosk and app, which delivers scanning results in 60 seconds.

The kiosk is a slimline, discreet unit that fits easily into small spaces and together with the app enables health and fitness facilities to offer detailed, accurate and visual accounts of key biometrics on the user’s smart device including: body fat percentage, lean body mass, waist-hip ratio, body volume and more so they can see the results of their behaviors and track body changes as their health regimens progress.

Further, with the dynamic body assessment, they also can see functional movement as the system highlights the joints of the body at require either added mobility or stability development.


A flexible design architecture enables facilities to integrate Shapewatch into their own branded apps, increasing digital relevance and giving an extra dimension to the overall experience of your facility.

Actionable Digital Experience

As a retention and value-add to wellness programs, Shapewatch ensures a seamless, highly personalised, understandable, useful and actionable digital member experience.

Shapewatch app

The Shapewatch app provides detailed representations of the body, which combined with body measurements, health data and functional movement assessment provide a highly visual overview to assist in creating and measuring progress along your client’s
health and wellness goals.

Intelligent Design
Intelligent software predicts future changes, enhancing Shapewatch’s motivational benefits and keeping your clients engaged
on their fitness journey.

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