See Yourself Evolve

The Shapewatch kiosk scans your body to measure key biometrics in a matter of seconds and instantly visualises your body via the Shapewatch app, so users can see their body shape evolve like never before! 

Track reductions or gains in body measurements

Review biometric feedback and benchmark against health data

Use visualisation to maintain motivation


SCAN yourself in 3D

The images captured during a scan (front and side pose) are combined with statistical body data to generate a user’s personal 3d avatar and measurements.


    TRACK your key biometrics

    Shapewatch uses advanced 3d depth sensors, contained within an easy to use kiosk with touch screen, to easily guide users through the scanning process. Through the Shapewatch App, you can monitor your progress and see your measurements in motion. 

    SEE yourself evolve

    Measuring over 150 points around the body, Shapewatch is able to generate a highly accurate representation of the human form, through animation. In addition, Shapewatch provides users with their weight, waist to hip ratio, body fat percentage, lean body mass and body volume. 



    Shapewatch App

    The Shapewatch app provides detailed Avatar representations of the body, which combined with body measurements and health data provide a highly visual overview to assist on your fitness goals.

    Intelligent software predicts future changes, enhancing Shapewatch’s motivational benefits, and keeping you engaged on your fitness journey.

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