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Your Body in 3D

Shapewatch is a next generation body monitoring technology that allows users to scan themselves, visualise their body shape and measurements in 3D, and track their progress towards their fitness goals.


through Visualisation

The Shapewatch experience allows for discreet and non-invasive body scan in a matter of seconds, instantly visualising and projecting your body in 3D!

Stay motivated seeing your body shape in 3D!

  • Scan your body

    Quick QR access
    Simple instructions

  • Visualise your shape

    Intuitive App
    3D Animated Avatars

  • Track your change

    Monitor timeline progress
    Measurements in motion

  • Ready - Scan - Go

    Tap [+] from within the Shapewatch App

    Show QR to the Shapewatch Kiosk

    Strike a pose: front and side

    Scan is done!

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  • Shapewatch kiosk

    Simple Aesthetic. Personal Experience. Accurate Results.

    The tubular Shapewatch kiosk has been thoughtfully designed with the user experience as its focus.

    Shapewatch’s console display provides simple instructions to guide users through the scanning process

    • Convenience

      Shapewatch is a user-activated experience

    • Cutting-Edge Technology

      3D scanning technology using advanced depth sensors and algorithms

    • Clean Design

      Carefully designed with the user in mind

  • Shapewatch application

    The Shapewatch app provides detailed Avatar representations of the body, which combined with body measurements and health data provide a highly visual overview to assist on your fitness goals.

    Intelligent software predicts future changes, enhancing Shapewatch’s motivational benefits, and keeping you engaged on your fitness journey.

    Available to download now.

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Latest News

The Shapewatch team keep in touch with the world of fitness, body assessment, and general health so bookmark us on your browser to stay connected.

  • Shapewatch Showcasing at IWF Shanghai 2018

    Shapewatch, the next-generation body monitoring technology company, is showcasing its latest 3D body experience at IWF Shanghai, the most premium fitness event in China...

  • Shapewatch present at the IHRSA 2018 in San Diego, U.S.

    The IHRSA International Convention & Trade Show is world-renowned for its vibrant trade show, motivational keynote speakers, expert educational sessions, and buzzing networking events...

The Shapewatch team would love to hear from any users so please feel free to stay in touch!